Find out how to get around Sofia and where to go. This article covers our tips for good food, bars and snacks, coworking places and the inevitable good coffee places. All tested and approved by our internationally exquisite team of

Getting to Sofia centre and around

A flat 10% profit tax. Benefits for companies, freelancers and individuals. A seamless process to tax residency in Bulgaria

The overall picture: Bulgaria is in the EU

What exactly is the tax situation in Bulgaria?

Wild Nomad Safari is organizing a safari tour in the southern region of Africa. You can choose between three different safari packages exploring different parts in either 10, 20 or 30 days. This article focuses on the first ten-days of the unique safari adventure through Botswana. You will be able to drive a 4x4 vehicle yourself through the southern region of Africa in a well guided and save car-convoy. This special tour will also take care of the catering whilst crossing the Central Kalahari Game Reserve park (CKGR). Join the adventure and drive a 4x4 off-road vehicle with roof-top-tents in Van-Life style on a mesmerizing safari trip.

Central Kalahari Game Reserve Map from Ilona Hupe Botswana Guide

Logistics and where to start

Do you meditate and have you ever had the feeling of being stuck? I would love to share my experiences to show you ways to improve your meditation and potentially to lead you to a better life full of positive surprises.

“I compare meditation with a hike on a mountain. At some point, you will have an excellent viewpoint where you feel in awe and you just enjoy every single moment. As you move along you will lose this lookout point and you might pass along a stretch of thick forest where you do not have this amazing feeling as you had before and you might feel rather lost. But maybe a few minutes later you’ll find the next lookout point.”

How about a sailing trip in the beautiful Islands of the Cyclades? Stunning clean water, a bunch of likeminded people, lots of sunshine, sundowners and fun!

What is the sailing retreat all about?

The Route

Why I think Bansko is a top destination for digital nomads — an explanation and thorough guide.

What is the sailing retreat all about?

The Route

“How to make sailing even better?” I asked myself and swiftly chartered a boat to skipper it on my own and invited likeminded people to visit nice places as a sailing team — sharing happiness multiplies!

Sailing in Greece, photo by Uwe Allgäuer

By following my passion I was able to meet my tribe and transform into the person I am now. To immerse and surround me with likeminded people, is fascinating and mind-boggling at once.

Uwe Allgäuer (a.k.a. Uwe TheSailor is digital nomad, entrepreneur & co-owner of Coworking Bansko. One of his passions is sailing and he likes to share his passion with other likeminded people.

When did you start sailing and how?

Uwe Allgäuer

Uwe (aka TheSailor) is a nomad, sailor, speaker & entrepreneur; runs & — coworking enthusiast!

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